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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 3/11/24

We can put a fork in the ice season (or a chisel, spike, cleat, whatever your favorite euphemism would be).


While spots out on certain lakes still had fishable ice by Friday (3/8), even the weekend’s cold weather couldn’t hold up against the wind.  Shorelines are pulling away.  Ice (even when 6-8” was found) is not strong, crumbling under just a couple chisel strokes.  The next 40+ hours will be above freezing with some temps in the 50’s even possible 60’s with cooler weather the following week, things look to be just enough for neither ice nor boat anglers to be able to get out and fish panfish.


Without abilities to fish locally, this fishing report will suspend until there is something to write about.


Keep the evening of April 8th open to attend your local Conservation Congress Spring Hearings.  This is your chance to voice your opinion on subjects that affect you, the outdoors people!  Your support (or non-support) helps direct the Natural Resource Board to direct the Department of Natural Resources as to upcoming rules and regulations that affect us.  Remember, a non-vote is like ½ a vote for the opinion you have, so share.


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