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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 3/14/23

So, this is the price we pay for such a mild January! March snow totals in the Lakeland Area keep adding up (another 10+” from 3/12). Cold also with some areas dropping to 15 below (3/14). So, the ice thickness remains (avg 24”), yet with each new snow, travel gets harder. Slush is being reported and with snow on the lakes being well over a foot deep, only trucks and tracked vehicles can get around. Even these forms of travel are not the easiest so be prepared with a shovel and some tall boots, just in case!

Bluegill: Good – Biggest hurdle is getting to the action. Anglers finding Gills in 9-11’ weeds and edges. Variety of techniques, though one father/son duo used wigglers for success pre-storm to ice a nice catch. Overall, jigs with greens, reds, browns have been best tipped with waxies, spikes or plastics in red, black, motor oil or purple.

Yellow Perch: Good – The larger of the weed relating Perch (9-11+”) in 8-11’ of water taking small minnows, Z-Vibers, K-Rips and Northland Forage Minnows (little Bluegill shaped) tipped with a couple waxies doing very well. Lots of smaller Perch to sort through. For mud flat Perch (usually running a more consistent size range of 7-10”), tip-downs with crappie minnows working, as well as fast dropping spoons (pimples, Halis) to get to bottom in 18-26’.

Crappie: Good – Deep water Crappies moving in shallower. What was a 25-35’ depth bite, is becoming a 18-22’ average. Tip-downs with small rosies or Rattlin Kastmasters tipped with waxies or spikes. Along same weeds as Gills and Perch in 9-12’ anglers finding scattered Crappies on jig/plastic combos. Yellow, pink, white and sliver topped the color charts.

A small reprieve Tue/Wed (3/14-3/15) before some overnight rain turning to snow through the early a.m. hours of Saturday (3/18) will add to the travel woes. After that, mid-20’s to mid-30’s as the week progresses. A great time to be panfishing if Mother Nature allows it!


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