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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 3/15/22

With windy conditions and colder weather, angler participation has been low. Despite this, fishing is gradually improving on most lakes. Travel remains iffy, but the cold and wind of the past week has helped harden some lakes. Warmer temps on the way.

Crappie: Good – Solid reports of trophies and eaters alike. Basin bite remains the go to method overall, although anglers still report some fish in shallower, 8-14’ weeds. When searching for basin Crappies, starting off with small 3-5 mm tungsten tipped with waxies, spikes or plastics doing well. When you’re on a school, it’s a good idea to switch it up to a heavier jig such as a pinhead minnow, tungsten Chandelier, or tungsten Kastmaster. Doing so allows you to get down faster and have more time fishing those short, sweet moments of schools moving through, as well as weed off the smaller ones. Tip downs are also a great method to track fish movement.

Bluegill: Good – Anglers reporting those same mid-depth weeds that some Crappies are found holding quality Gills. Fish getting a little more fired up, but smaller presentations still best. 3- or 4-mm tungsten, or #14 lead jigs tipped with spikes, waxies doing best. Plastics can be a better option on finicky fish as well. Earl and late periods are still the most active bite.

Yellow Perch: Good – Same old methods of working deep mud of 18-30’ and beyond still producing fish.

Halis, tungsten spoons, and smaller buckshot spoons tipped with spikes and wigglers the norm. Tip-downs, whether rigged with minnows or wigglers, are a good way to spread out and produce fish. Be careful while targeting Perch at depths greater than 30 ft, as fish will experience barotrauma and will not release.

SPECIAL SPECIES REPORT – Burbot, Whitefish and Ciscos. Most of the areas deeper, clear lakes contain one or all of these three species.

Burbot: Very Good – Anglers have taken to pursuing this delicious freshwater cod. Good action right at and past dark using mid-large size spoons or large jigs tipped with large portions of dead minnows. Find deep structure (humps, holes, points) and fish just a few inches off the bottom. Burbot roam around just off the bottom, using their great sense of smell to locate prey, so fish accordingly.

Whitefish and Cisco: Good – anglers pursuing these tasty fish more since gamefish closure. Fish found anywhere from 20-70’+, usually relating to some sort of structure similar to Burbot. Although difficult to find, fish still fired up when found. Willingly taking Halis, slender spoons, and buckshots. Good method is to tie a fly such as a VMC bullfly a foot or two above a heavy spoon, pounding bottom with spoon to attract, and fly to catch.

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