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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 4/22/24

We’re back…


Per usual, April showed us what April can be.  Cold and wind this past week disrupted the nice warm up that seemed to be occurring.  With limited options to the fishing here in the Northwoods (panfish and catch & release Bass) what was a slowly improving bite came to a crashing halt.


No worries, not a lot of anglers take advantage of the super early open water opportunities for panfish at times like these.  But it can be productive under the right conditions.


On warming day, with air temps in the 50’s and 60’s, Crappies and Gills will congregate in the shallows to warm themselves and feed on invertebrates (Perch have or will be spawning further out away from these areas).  These Gills and Crappies are not spawning, as some think, just collecting heat to help with the development of their eggs.  These fish can be in as little as one foot of water and very spooky.  Stay as far back as a long cast will allow to offer up waxies, leaf worms, small minnows or tiny tube jigs.  Heavy, weighted floats, such as Rocket Bobbers, will help with these casts.


Forecast of highs in the 50’s, maybe low 60’s with bright sun will be best. 

We are extending our line sale through April 28th, so take advantage and get freshly spooled.


As a reminder, the Lake Tomahawk/Lake Minocqua Chain will NOT be open to hook and line angling for Walleye at the time of the opener.  In fact, if the LDF tribe does not spear Walleyes (they have not as of this writing) then the chain will remain closed until the 2025 opener.


As Walleyes For Tomorrow has asked in the past, please refrain from targeting Walleyes on the chain as we continue to work to rehabilitate the population.


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