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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 6/28/22

As we exit June following a very windy month, with unusual highs (90’s) and lows (40’s). the start of the summer patterns are just starting up.

The Hexagenia hatches (large, tan Mayflies) have just begun to show. The fluctuating water temps energizing, then stalling the hatch as these nymphs work their way to the surface of our lakes to turn into flies, find mates, lay eggs then die in a short 24 hours once transformed. This “hatch” really messes with the Walleye anglers as fish gorge on the easy to capture nymphs on their nearly two-day swim to the surface. Great time to e a Walleye…not so great to be a Mayfly or a Walleye angler.

Northern Pike: Very Good-Good – These fish seem to care little for Mayflies (though I’m sure they won’t pass up a chance to eat some!) More interested in the Perch and Bluegills that expose themselves to feed on the bugs, then get eaten themselves. Spinnerbaits have been tops with lipless cranks, chatterbaits and weedless spoons all producing good catches! Most being caught in 5-10’ weeds, Broadleaf (Musky Cabbage) best.

Bluegill: Very Good – Lots of action on poppers in the shallows! Casting a dry fly behind a clear plastic float for you spin anglers. Tiny tubes, jigs and #00 spinners all keeping casters happy. Use small leeches (they are tough on the hook) for traditional bobber fishing bait.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good – Lots of shallow water action using a variety of baits and styles from slow (Wacky Worms), stop/start (Husky Jerks), fast (chatterbaits) and top-water (Whopper Ploppers and Jitterbugs)>

Yellow Perch: Good – Still relating to weeds in 6-12’. Find pockets in beds and lower medium leeches or whole beavertails (small crawlers) under floats.

Smallmouth Bass: Good - The last of the bedded fish seem to have left the spawning areas of the larger lakes. Work adjacent breaks using Ned jigs with TRD worms or craws for best action. 1/8 oz jigs tipped with big leeches producing also in 10-14’ slides outside spawn areas.

Musky: Good – Windy days helping anglers with bucktail and spinnerbait action over tobacco cabbage of 4-8’. Warm evenings produced nice top-water action on tailbaits and creepers.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Once found providing decent action, though finding not always easy. Tube jigs worked around downed trees produced last week. Oddly, the tubes used were 2 ½”, meant for Bass – if that’s any indication of the size of the Crappies (11+”). Others found relating to boathouses where shade providing cover. This pattern starting to slow as weed beds fill in.

Walleye: Poor – Could be just this reporter, but Walleye action very slow as clouds of Mayflies seen suspended about half way to the surface on a few of my favorite Walleye Waters. Reports of trollers using crawler harnesses tagging some Walleyes.

Fairly stabilized forecast with temps slowly warming for the 4th of July holiday weekend coming up. Bodes well for anglers targeting most species, Walleye anglers need to wait for Mayfly feast to end.

FYI, We will be closing at 9:00 PM on July 4th (instead of 10:00 PM)

HAPPY 4th!!


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