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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Good travel conditions for anglers on the ice this past week. The snow on top was easily traversed by ATV users with wheels. Tracks and snowmobiles that much easier. While trucks are working their way across more and more lakes. I personally found some areas with up to three layers of frozen slush (gray ice) and very soft ice underneath. Total thickness was 21”, but a sign of concern where ice on the main lake was firm nearly all the way through.

High pressure came with some wonderful sunshine, but seemed to hold back on the fishes’ appetites a bit. Certain species did react better than others, it just took patience to get a bite going.

Northern Pike: Poor-Good – Following some unusual tough fishing Pike action picked up. Tip-ups in as deep as 10’ to as little as 3’ produced using large shiners. Tops for the week, a 40” brute!

Yellow Perch: Poor-Good – Weed bite was better than deep for the most part this week. Minnows or light spoons (Vinglas, Pimples) tipped with waxies. Along drop-offs of sand to mud a few reports of Perch on wigglers/Hali combos and one report of nice Perch hitting #3 Rippin Raps.

Crappie: Poor-Good – Best over deeper basins of 24-35’. Rattle lures in glow, white, gold tipped with waxies and tip-downs baited with rosies. Weed Crappies tougher. Fish holding tight to bottom on most lakes. Small jigs/plastics and very little movement needed to entice bites.

Bluegill: Poor-Good – Bite best in the afternoons. Gills taking teardrop style jigs tipped with waxies and plastics in 5-10’ weeds. Wind on Saturday (2/10) made hole hopping tough. Gills (like Crappies) held tighter to bottom.

Walleye: Poor-Fair – High pressure really seemed to have taken its toll on the Walleyes appetites. Very early morning (pre-dawn) and again at dusk. Smaller sucker minnows and small shiners best. Some action on jigging Raps, Hyper Glides.

Largemouth Bass: Poor-Fair – Tip-ups with smaller shiners meant for Pike best in 5-10’ of weeds.

Conditions are still very good as of this early report. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning before forecasted rain for Tuesday (2/14) as temps will reach upper 40’s will make things a bit messy again. By Thursday, highs in upper teens and snow will change travel dependent on how much rain/snow we get. But by Saturday (2/18) mild temps back into the mid- 30’s. The weekend covers the new moon period, typically a good time for daytime fishing.

Upcoming Ice Fishing Tournaments

Feb 18th – Lake Tomahawk Family Fisheree

Feb 18th – Mercer Lions Club Jamboree

Feb 25th – Northwoods Chapter of Muskies Inc. – Kids Ice Fishing Day

Feb 25th – Newbold Fire Department – 2nd Annual


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