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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 4/30/23

After further review…its going to be down to the wire on most bodies of water and several of our largest lakes probably won’t be open until well after opening weekend.

Yeah, I know…I know…last week I predicted, guessed, wished that ice would be gone by May 1st…I’ve sobered up a bit since then, now the reality of the ice hangover begins!

Too much cold weather, some snow, with only two days above 50 degrees and we are in a pinch. Snow predictions for Sunday/Monday (4/30-5/1) put totals of 10-11” of snowfalls on our lakes. Ice is dark on many lakes and the snow will cover up (but also weigh down, fingers crossed) the rotting ice.

It’s too dangerous to walk on ice for measurements, cold temps with added snow will only cool lakes off. Forecast for warming temps coming on Wed (5/3) through Sunday (5/7).

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