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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Maybe due to the warm Octobers of a couple years ago, but this one sure seemed to turn cold quick. Air temps in the upper 20’s to low 30’s, wind, SNOW, can only mean one thing…It’s Musky Time! While the weather hasn’t been easy on those willing to venture out, some good things for those that have.

Musky: Good-Very Good – With water temps dipping into upper 40’s on all but the largest lakes, the sucker bite has improved. Fishing suckers 10-18’ down in 16-22’ depth has been the key while casting shallower to draw fish up. Good, heavy fish in the 40-48” range with some good fish being caught on glide baits (Smity Jerks, Phantoms w/ tails) and Jerks (Suicks, Bobbies) and rubber (Medussa, Burbots). Best fish of the week, 48” on Suick, but most on suckers!

Walleye: Good – Lots of searching. Some reports of anglers finding in green weeds of 6-10’, but overall depth is where the bulk of the action is from. Most anglers vertical fishing 22-38’ using Shiver Minnows, Jigging Raps and Hyper Rattles. Lindy rigging tail hooked redtails, black chubs and Walleye suckers also successful. Don’t be afraid to search shallower – a lesson learned Sunday after working 30-50’ transitions and holes only to find fish on 25’ bars!

Smallmouth Bass: Good – While not many anglers targeting, very nice fish caught using Shiver Minnows over rock bars this past weekend targeting Walleyes.

Not a lot of other reports to put out due to cold, snowy and windy weather. Assume good Crappie fishing still over deep wood on Flowages, jut tough to find weather to cooperate.

With forecasted highs to only hit 44 degrees this week and lows in low 20’s, expect lakes to slowly continue to cool down. Once surface temps hit low 40’s, slower retrieves and presentations will be required. Yet good fishing still to be had.


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