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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 5/15/23

Hitting the midway of May already. While the season is only ten days old, it’s been a good start for Walleye anglers and picking up for those interested in other species.

Water temperatures are moving up gradually following opening week’s warm up. Most lakes in the low to mid 50’s on average with some larger lakes in upper 40’s and a couple smaller, dark lakes and flowages touching upper 50’s to low 60’s.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good – Find shallows with wood and Bass actively hitting Wacky Worms and Flukes! Lots of numbers, not as much size. Great Action!

Crappie: Good-Very Good – Reports of fish warming in shallows (3-5’) but spooky. Long cast with Rocket Bobbers and tiny minnows on #10 Aberdeen hooks with no weight to entice bites.

Walleye: Good-Very Good – On larger lakes, tail end of spawn over gravel beds at dark on minnow baits (Husky Jerks, Rattlin Rouges) or along gravel breaks with jigs and black chubs. The drop in activity on what was a great opening weekend most likely due to post spawn hangover. That bite is coming as shallows warm, leeches and insects emerge, minnows and fry return and move into shallows and Walleye follow! Good weed action to come, look for fresh greens.

Northern Pike: Good – Cruising shallow of 3-6’. Key on any green vegetation. 1/16 oz weedless jigs with guards and baited with red sided Dace. Three-inch twisters or 4” Flukes worked slowly through existing cabbage.

Yellow Perch: Good – Not targeted, but nice, post spawn Perch to 12” over weekend cruising shallows. Big Perch with slack bellies taking jig and minnow combos meant for Walleyes in 3-6’ weeds/wood.

Smallmouth Bass: Good – Not a lot targeted, but large fish to 21” (Catch & Release only). Mostly in shallows by anglers targeting Walleyes or LMB!

Bluegill: Fair – Few reports, but starting to gather in shallows for warmth!

Brown Trout: Excellent – Brown Trout?? Excellent?? Yes, excellent, I caught one without trying, first ever, 21 ½”. Fought like the devil. Gotta have a trout stamp. Doubt I’ll ever see another! Excellent!

Weather looks fairly stable for the week. Maybe some rain Thur/Fri. Drop during this time, but nice gradual warm up to follow. New Moon this weekend, good time.


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