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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Mother Nature has pushed the pause button on fishing the Lakeland Area for a bit. Snow on the ground and ice on ponds and bays, cold and wind have kept all but the fool…I mean hardiest anglers off the water.

Musky: Good – Live baiting has almost been the exclusive way to target Musky as casting has become frustrating with reels and rods freezing so quickly. Spool a reel up with heavy mono to extend your casting duration. A Mr. Heater in the boat couldn’t hurt, otherwise its been suckers and trout on slow trolls in 14-22’ of water from most reports.

Walleye: Good – Few anglers out. While deep rock, transition areas best (28-40’), check out some shallower saddles between deep holes as fish move up to feed. Chubs and suckers on Lindy style rigs best.

With water temps ranging (as of 10/24) from a high of 44 to a low of 39, along with bays of some lakes freezing up the past few days (pond behind shop has been locked up 2 days now) access will be limited on some lakes. A warm up next week should make for easier conditions to fish and softer water to fish on.


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