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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 6/13/22

A consistent weather pattern the past week has helped anglers pattern the fish as well. The gradual rising of the area’s lake surface temps, while relatively cool, has continued the good weed bites for those species utilizing the new growth.

Walleye: Very Good – Bite swinging more towards leeches, but minnows still producing. Fish scattered throughout cabbage beds, so spend the time to sift through with a quality weedless jig such as the Invasion or Jacks weedless. 3” paddle takes on a 1/8 oz jig ripped through cabbage flats of 5-8’ also effective. Stomach contents of some Walleyes showed soft shelled crayfish, a tip to use orange, brown or red jigs. Slip float rigs to fish leeches scoring nicely worked a foot off bottom.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good-Good – Some bedding fish deep, but most signs say they are finishing up. Still, tube jigs, Ned rigs and Wacky Worms accounting for lots of action. Twitching Husky Jerks and X-Raps also tops in 6-12’ breaks outside spawning areas.

Northern Pike: Very Good-Good – Pike active in same weed beds as Walleye. Use larger suckers or chubs under floats or on jigs with leaders. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and 4” swimbaits all working well during the past week also.

Bluegill: Very Good-Good - Reports of “colonies” (beds) on smaller lakes with other reports of suspended fish in 15-18’ in the larger lakes (bug hatches may be contributing to the suspending fish). Small leeches are tops, they stay on the hook well and are usually good for multiple fish. Worms, tiny jigs and even small Crappie minnows working as well as flys, we hear from the “purists”. One thing you won’t find up here this season is thunderbugs (dragonfly larvae), a Bluegill and Perch favorite. Seems there is a lack of collectors for these panfish staples.

Largemouth Bass: Good – Most anglers targeting Smallies, but Largemouth are cruising the shallows. With forecast for heat this week (breaking 90 degrees 6/14 and 6/19) watch for bedding to take off! Wacky Worming and jig with creatures tops!

Crappie: Good – With spawn over, target tall, narrow leaf cabbage in 7-12’. Fan cast small spinners, 2” twister tails or Kalin Crappie Scrubs to locate fish. Target by counting down and slowly “flicking” lures or suspend small minnows under floats. Don’t be surprised to find females with eggs. The eggs will be very mushy as the cold snaps a month ago messed up the spawn. These fish will reabsorb these eggs.

Musky: Good – Cool water temps has given way for many anglers to have success with live suckers. Casting twitchbaits, 500 series bucktails and small rubber over new cabbage working well.

Yellow Perch: Good – As with most fish right now, the 6-12’ greenest weeds is best. Medium fatheads and leeches good bets.

Forecasted highs could change things soon, especially for Walleye anglers as reports of some mayfly hatches have started. As more insects and minnows fill the water, it will make for some more competition for anglers offering.


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