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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 6/25/24

Experiencing some sun (6/24), don’t know what to think!  Some warmer temps and a small window of dry is nice, though rain once again peppers the forecast (6/27 -6/28) before getting nice for the last two days of June.  Fishing has picked up, even while sitting under the full moon period.


Largemouth Bass:  Very Good – Working weeds of 8-14’ using Wacky worms, Ned rigs or creature baits.  Top-water action HOT on those warm, muggy evenings using Whopper Ploppers and Jitter bugs.


Smallmouth Bass:  Very Good – After getting schooled in my own boat by a “trout fisherman” from Minnesota who’d never used a Ned Rig till I gave him one (10-0 before I conceded and tied one on also), all I can report is Ned Rigs for Smallies!  Not finding many rock fish yet, almost all along coontail edges of 12-14’!


Musky:  Good-Very Good – Bucktails over weeds using #8 double bladed Mepps Flashabou bucktails (very reliable source) and top-water baits (Pacemakers, Tallywackers, Dr. Evils) over same weeds – more advice, quit talking – pay attention!  Relatively cool (67-68 degrees) surface temps and spawning Gills may have something to do with shallow bite.


Walleye:  Good – Deep weed edges and big leeches.  Got schooled again, same day, this time by wife on slip-bobbers while I jigged, 20 to 2!  Be a while before she gets in my boat again 😊!  Work outside coontail edges of 14-18’.  Slowly motor till you find a pod hovering over sandgrass away from standing weeds.  Drift leeches 1-2’ off bottom below float, have husband net fish so he has no time to jig himself!  More advice?  Contact Miss Know-it all!

Bluegills:  Good – Setting up beds in shallows.  Good time to play with popper over beds when able.  Small leeches and tiny tubes under floats also effective.  Be kind to these vulnerable fish, those big males are needed to protect nest to ensure good year classes.  Be judiciously selective.


Northern Pike:  Good – Best overall using spinnerbaits (Boonies-back in stock), and chatterbaits over 6-10’ weeds.  Jigging chubs if bite slow.  Slip-bobbers with suckers or shiners working, but use wire leader.


Yellow Perch:  Fair – Wind and rain last week kept anglers from pursuing Perch.  Warm weather should spike activity.  So far most in shallow (5-8’) weeds.  No sign of deeper sandgrass bite, but should occur as waters warm.


Crappies:  Fair – Similar reports as Perch due to weather as far as anglers targeting.  Look to tall, narrow leaf cabbage, fan casting small beetle spins, Charlie Bees, Road Runners or Crappie Thumpers to find fish – follow up with Crappie minnows or Mini-Mites under floats.


There have been reports of Mayfly hatches, the Willow had a big one, that has shut down some Walleye bites.  Sometimes due to wind it’s hard to tell these hatches are occurring (on lee sides of lakes).  Expect more as waters warm.


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