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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 6/4/24

Another off spring!  Aren’t they all lately?  Early ice out you’d think would equate to ahead of schedule weed growth, but it doesn’t seem to be on many lakes.  Water temps hovered in the upper 50’s for a long time, finally moving into the 60’s but likely falling again with the forecast for the end of the week.  Some species of fish bedded early this year (Crappies, Smallmouth) and were done before what anglers were used to seeing.  Probably a good way to protect these fish while they are so vulnerable to harvest (Crappies) and harassment (Smallies).  Either way it all adds up to anglers having to adjust methods and locations while chasing their preferred fish!


Smallmouth Bass:  Very Good – Nice reports of high number, high quality fish (18-20”+).  Lots of this action fishing Wacky worms and Ned rigs around first drop wood or rocks.  Top-water in evenings and early mornings and twitching slash style baits (X-Raps, Husky Jerks) over 6-10’ of same types of water.

Largemouth Bass:  Good-Very Good – Staging, no reports of bedding yet, but if temps hold in mid-60’s and up they will be in.  Wacky worming and drop shotting in 6-10’ cabbage.  Evening top-water (Whopper Ploppers) and swimbaits such as Kietechs Swinging Impacts on 1/8 oz swim heads during late mornings thru mid-day.


Bluegills:  Good-Very Good – Very shallow on warm days, some signs of bedding colonies.  Tiny tubes, grubs (1-1 ½”) Mini-mites and small leeches.  Fish 2-6’.

Crappies:  Good – Confusion with the Crappie catchers as some anglers are finding eggs in the females they’ve filleted.  These fish missed their chance and they won’t get another this year!  These Crappies will slowly reabsorb these eggs, so don’t be surprised to find egg filled Crappies come August (soft, squishy, greenish eggs).  Casting small jig/twister, swim or under spin (Charlie Bees) effective, 6-12’ weeds.

Northern Pike:  Good – Swimbaits, spinnerbaits over thickest weeds you can find.  Stickbaits and 4-6” glidebaits as well as jigs with chubs or suckers a good bet.

Yellow Perch:  Good-Fair – Those seeking Perch finding in spread out cabbage flats of 5-10’.  Small floats baited with medium fatheads cast into pockets within weed beds best.

Walleye:  Fair-Good – Mornings, especially early, have been tough.  Windows of opportunity seem to arise for jig anglers starting mid-morning and again late afternoon/early evening.  Still a decent minnow bite, but leeches under slip-floats have been effective.  Casting stickbaits over 8-12’ weeds (when you can find) producing nice, but mostly slot fish (20-24’).  Overcast with rain forecast could help throughout the week until things clear up on weekend.

Musky:  Fair–Good – Most reports of smaller fish hitting 6” Cranes and #5 Mepps.  Small Smity Jerks and similar glidebaits.  Most action in water less than 10’!


As always weather dictates fish and anglers alike.  Lots of wind shifts this past week with either high clear skies or rainy, stormy weather.  Lots of rain in a short period (6/3) saw some lake and Flowage levels rise.  Water temps fluctuating from 58-64 degree averages.  As said, some lakes behind on weed growth (others fine).  Mosquitos liking rain, but luckily dragon fly hatches showing up.  Despite call for rain (6/5 – 6/7), and cooler temps, fishing during new moon usually very good.  Just keep an eye on the sky for electricity!


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