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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 6/6/23

Unseasonably hot weather the past week (three days hit low 90’s) have had water temps soaring. Surface temps in the mid-70’s are common with some reports of temps hitting 80+. Fortunately, the coming week sees some cooling with daytime highs in mid-70’s and lows at night in the 50’s.

Luckily, fishing has been hot! Weed growth to hide the bugs and minnows hatching, as well as Largemouth Bass and Gills moving in to spawn, have given anglers lots of options.

Walleye: Very Good-Good – Weed bite is on. Anglers working cabbage of 4-8’ finding plenty of fish using 1/16 oz weedless Invasion jigs to present leeches and fatheads doing very well. With all the cloudless days we’ve had, any wind has helped.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good-Good – Catch and Release only. Spawn winding down, but great action on Ned rigs, Wacky Worms and top-water. Post spawn Smallies out on first break away from spawning areas (usually 8-12’) smashing Husky Jerks, X-Raps, Rattlin Rouges. Working craw imitations on jigs putting some nice 18-20” fish in the net.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good-Good – Starting to bed and working shallows. Lots of top-water action on Chug Bugs, Torpedos. Wacky worming and Ned rigs easy choices. Shallow cranks and light (1/8 oz) bass jigs with craw trailers.

Bluegill: Very Good-Good – Bedding up and aggressive. Poppers on fly rods or behind small floats. Thunderbugs, small leeches, worms or tiny tubes all being gobbled up.

Yellow Perch: Very Good-Good Active in same weed areas as Walleye. Nice eater Perch of 9-11” being caught on leeches and minnows meant for Walleyes. Thunderbugs a favorite of Perch, the hatch is happening quickly now with temps so high, so availability will end soon.

Northern Pike: Good – With attention in the weeds for Walleye, some Pike getting caught, but not when Walleye seem to control the cabbage. Still some nice Pike to 30” this past week. Live bait out producing artificials.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Spawn being over, Crappies recovering. Very scattered throughout 8-12’ weeds (Narrow leafed cabbage). Fan casting through weed tops with small beetle spins, Crappie Thumpers and Slider Charlie Bees best bet for finding scattered fish.

Musky: Good-Fair – Smaller bucktails and surface baits producing best action for anglers working shallows of 4-10’.

These unusually high-water temps help to accelerate fish metabolism, causing the need to feed more often. The bright sun is a negative, but target low light times (early mornings, evenings) and any wind to offset the light. Would not be surprised to see some Hexagenia (big mayfly) hatches soon due to heat. That will put a damper on the Walleye fishing we’ve been experiencing. But hopefully a couple weeks away.


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