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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 7/4/23

Got a little rain last week, thankfully! Our mosquito population was dropping (poor things), but the rain and humidity helped pump a little life back into those friendly little buggers! Now that we have hit July, most summer patterns are starting to emerge. Things will stabilize for the most part and with the exception of any daily changes from storms etc., should be fairly consistent.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good – With Largemouth populations high, a lot of anglers are catching these fish whether they mean to or not! Mornings, twitchbaits and top-water action great. Work inside weed edges (Husky Jerks, X-Raps, Whopper Ploppers). Mid-mornings through mid-day, Wacky Worms, Jig and Creature, Sweet Beavers all good choices. Towards evening back to shore with Jitterbugs or plastic Frogs and Spiders.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good – Most action off deep gravel drops using drop-shot rigs with 3” craws, Ned rigs or suspending hair jigs below slip-floats. Nice fish in the 17-20” range this week coming from 16-23’ rock slides.

Bluegill: Very Good – Gills working weed beds in 7-10’. Use Mini Mites, small leeches or worms. Evenings with small poppers providing great action on calm water.

Yellow Perch: Good-Very Good – Still very nice (9-12”) Perch in cabbage beds of 8-12’. Use weedless 1/16 oz Invasion jigs to work 1/2 crawlers along plant bottoms. Slip-floats with medium leeches or medium fatheads also good choice.

Northern Pike: Good - Casting spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and 4” swimbaits over cabbage flats. Jig and chub/sucker using wire leader to prevent bite-offs. Twitchbaits also bringing good fish to the boat.

Musky: Good – Fast burning bucktails has been effective. Top-water baits early and late. Word of a 50”+ by a row troller in this morning, waiting on details!

Crappies: Fair-Good – Different reports. Some from water as shallow as 6’ during mid-day while others finding fish mixed in tall narrow leaf cabbage using small bladed lures such as Charlie Bees, Road Runners and Beetle Spins to find fish.

Walleye: Poor-Fair – Dark waters best as most clear water lakes not giving up fish ‘til dusk or after. Crankbaits after dark, either casted over off-shore humps or trolled. Daytime bites on leeches or crawlers, best near drowned wood. Look for cloudy or windy days to increase daytime bite.

A very busy 4th of July holiday. Lots of boat traffic, but early birds can fish a while in peace ‘til everyone else wakes up! Have a great 4th and celebrate this great country we live in!!


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