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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 8/29/23

Another typically nice week of late August weather. Cool(ish) nights and comfortably warm days. Patterns stayed fairly consistent as surface temps still range in the low to mid 70-degree mark.

Bluegill: Very Good – The flying ant hatch that I thought I missed happened last week. Gills (and other fish) were up at the surface gorging on ants. Good news to anglers that like to fish flies for Gills. But Gills being Gills, worms, waxies, tiny tubes, Mini-Mites, and 1” twister tails also worked well…and still are.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good – Drop shotting 3” Wackys, Gulp Alive minnows and small craw imitations along outside weed edges of 8-14’. Early and late work top-water lures on inside weed lines or over 4-6’ cabbage flats. Square lipped cranks over these flats also effective. Still good Wacky Worm action in heavy cover also.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good – Gravel/rock humps (18-26’) and outside coontail edges of 14-18’ using drop shot methods, tube jigs, and football jigs tipped with 3” plastic craws. Some very healthy fish in the 17-21” class being caught. Check rock humps where Sculpin are gathering.

Yellow Perch: Good – Relating to heavy cabbage and drowned wood where they seem to be dining mostly on insects. Without leeches to be had, 1/2 crawlers or beavertails are the next best bet.

Northern Pike: Good – Action improving. Watch for signs of young of year Perch in shallows and use shallow running stickbaits (Thundersticks, Floating #5 Rapalas) or square lipped cranks for some fast, fun action. Action over cabbage flats has improved using chatterbaits and spinnerbaits.

Musky: Good – Top-water action best using Pacemakers, Whopper Ploppers, Fat Bastards and following up with the more subtle Flaptail. Bucktails and large spinnerbaits also producing. Suckers will work, but heat by Monday (90 degrees?) could be an issue.

Walleye: Fair-Good – Some transitioning to gravel/mud, but not much. Still finding Eyes relating to weeds (outside edges) taking redtails and crawlers. Watch for some early AM action in shallows chasing young of the year Perch. With temps going to 80’s/90’s by Mon/Tue doubt we’ll see the mud/gravel bite pick up too fast. (Except on the larger lakes!)

Crappie: Fair – Not a lot of reports, fish the deeper coontail edges of 14-18’. Look for suspended fish 6-8’ off bottom. Cast Kalin Crappie Scrubs over narrow leaf cabbage in 10-14’ to locate active fish high in the weed tops. Go back with the basic float and minnows if you find pods of fish.

Looks like a great weekend weather wise, almost too good (hot, sunny). Get out early or fish late and enjoy the Northwoods this weekend! Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday.


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