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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 8/30/22

Some midweek sun pushed surface temps into the upper 70’s. Lots of sun and little wind made things tough for some anglers chasing Walleye, but some other species responded well to the warmth.

Bluegill: Very Good-Good – Good numbers and size being found in 8-12’ cabbage beds that are not showing signs of dying back. Fan cast small #0 Mepps, 1/32 beetle spins to locate (odd how they aren’t all over). Yet once found, these loose schools of Gills an be really fun on slip-bobbers and worms. Two-three feet down at weed top level. Most of these fish have been nice eaters (7-8”) not your run of the mill dock Sunnys!

Largemouth Bass: Good-Very Good – Action seemed to have slowed from past couple weeks. Late mornings through afternoons best using Wacky Worms and jig/creature baits. Those hotter evenings did provide good top-water action. Despite less than top level action, Largemouth Bass still one of the most active bites this past week.

Smallmouth Bass: Good – Need to search a bit as they move back and forth between rock humps and coontail edges. Changes lake to lake and day to day. Ned jigs used to work TRD Worms and Crawz have been good. Drop-shotting 3” Wackys or 2 ½” Gulp Alive Minnows or even 2 ½ - 3” live muds or chubs working best.

Northern Pike: Good – Finally some good reports from guide Jason Heindl using spinnerbaits and #3 Mepps over green (or brown cabbage) weeds. Tops a 32” er with enough action to make things interesting.

Musky: Good-Fair – Fish location dependent on lake type. Big, deep lakes finding fish suspended following schools of bait fish. Shallower lakes, fish being found along both inside and outside weed edges. Smity’s new Wizard Spell bucktail has been hot with fish up to 45” this past week.

Crappie: Fair – Tall weed beds of 10-12’ mixed with grass. Cast tiny tubes, tinsel jigs or cover area with small minnows under floats. On Flowages, work wood, but keep in mind loose schools found cruising flats. Try drifting slip-floats with medium fats at varying depth until you can lock in.

Yellow Perch: Fair-Good – Mixed reports, usually being caught while fishing cabbage of 5-8’ using jig and crawler meant for Walleyes.

Walleye: Fair – Best on the larger lakes working 27-30’ gravel edges using chubs or whole crawlers on 1/4 - 3/8 oz jigs. When fishing these depths and deeper be careful to work fish up slowly. With the protected slots it’s more important than ever to protect those spawners!

Weather forecast looks good for the holiday weekend. Some cooler temps (highs in the 70’s Sat/Sun – 80 degrees on Monday should make for an enjoyable weekend on the water.


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