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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 9/13/22

Things starting to move into the right direction for September as warm afternoons, followed by cool nights, have started to lower surface temps. Friday’s (9/9) highs in the mid-eighties was followed by cool (mid to high 40’s) and rain. Reports of surface temps as high as 75 degrees Friday have scaled back into the upper 60’s by Monday (9/12)

Fish have been found all over the place, requiring searching for what you’re looking for.

Largemouth Bass: Good-Very Good – Most anglers finding Bass up shallow in 4-8’ with green weeds flipping jig and creature baits or Wacky Worming. Some Largemouth on deep, clear lakes also being caught on drop-shot rigs over sandgrass beds in 17-22’ by anglers targeting Smallies. Still others casting inside weed lines on those warm evenings finding top-water action on Whopper Ploppers and Jitterbugs. Bite best on warmer evenings.

Smallmouth Bass: Good-Very Good – Once again, varied locations. Deep rock humps of 20-25’ holding Smallies coming on drop-shot rigs. Sandgrass flats in 17-22’ holding Smallies while some Brown Bass still found relatively shallow (8-12’) on tube jigs. Lots of reports cracking 5#’s this week.

Northern Pike: Good-Very Good – As the water temps drop, these fish will keep getting more active. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and 4-5” swimbaits over green weeds of 5-10’. If slow, jig a 4-6” chub or sucker to entice action.

Crappie: Good – Better lake action than Flowages over the weekend. On lakes Crappies active in 7-10’. Small-medium fatheads or 1/32 – 1/16 oz jigs tipped with 1 or 2” twister tails.

Musky: Good – Keep an eye on the shallow bite! Nice fish moving in 4-8’. Top-water time, high riding bucktails and big spinnerbaits.

Bluegill: Good – Finding schools suspending out from coontail edges over 14-18’, as well as over drowned wood. Nice Gills of 8-9” this past week, 1/2 crawlers or beavertails all that’s needed on 1/16 oz jig or below slip floats.

Yellow Perch: Good-Fair – Most reports from anglers dropping down towards base of green cabbage with crawlers or fats. Keep bait within 12-18” of bottom in 8-12’.

Walleye: Good-Fair – This is where things are mixed up a bit. Example: Caught Walleyes jigging Shiver Minnows in 26’ while also catching Eyes in weeds of 7-10’, same lake, same day. The move to deeper water should be on, but any green weeds still holding nice Walleyes on chubs, large fats and crawlers.

Following Wednesday morning (low to upper 40’s), the rest of the week looks very stable with lows of 60’s and highs in the 70’s. Like to see a little more cool down to spike the bite, but headed in the right direction.


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